Monday, August 11, 2008

Internship Reflection #2: Bible study and burritos the size of your head

One night my buddy and I invited a student out to Q'doba with us for dinner. (If you have never been to Q'doba please do so soon, it's wonderful because their burritos are the size of your face and their queso sauce is wonderful)

The student up to that point had been coming to Bible study, but had been rather quiet and I was wondering how he was reacting to what we were learning in our John Bible study. As dinner went on the conversation became just excellent. It became clear that this young man has a desire to know the Scriptures and most importantly God through them. How amazing is that?

What's even more encouraging was that what was impacting him in the study was that he was being called to dig deep into the text with the rest of the group and not just scratch the surface. And that excited him to be able to dig deep and know God more through investing in knowing the Word!

Please be praying for this young man that the Lord would be raising up a young leader to follow hard after Him.

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