Thursday, May 21, 2009

Still Waiting...

Well friends I once again have to apologize for totally neglecting to post regularly for oh about 2 months. In any case there has been a ton of things happening.

Mostly the biggest thing has been that my medical school application process has taken an unexpected turn. Basically two schools have put me on hold and another has waitlisted me. Other than that, I only have one other concrete decision from my 4 interviews a rejection from Harvard. So basically now that it is after May 15th I am essentially to wait until I am potentially called up to a medical school.

So it's a very weird experience just having to wait and has been pretty hard at times. But God has been using this in my life like 1 Peter 1:3-9, where the temporary trials try and prove the tested genuineness of my faith to God's glory! This has really revealed much about how little I treasure Christ above my circumstances and how He is to be my greatest treasure.

In short please be praying for me that 1) God would continue to use this time for His glory and that I would love Him above all things including circumstances and that 2) I would get accepted somewhere and if not that God would give me wisdom as I make decisions about what to do next year!

Thank you all for praying and I will be going to NEXT this weekend so hopefully I'll get a few posts up to recap that too!

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