Monday, October 5, 2009

God At Work [pt. 2]

So a month or so after actually finishing the book, I will now finish the post series too!

Much of the reason why this book was so impacting was that currently it is very tempting to look at my life and think of it as being on hold. It is easy to think that right now I have a "sort-of-vocation." Merely a job that God has placed me in, against my plans and wishes, for the time being and that in some day soon life will resume again.

However, to summarize Veith's main point in "God at Work," God has called us to faithfulness now to love God and serve others in every aspect of the life God has placed us in now. Yes, I can take my MCATs and fill out my med school applications in preparation for hopefully entering next year, but that does not negate the current reality. Every human has a vocation that God has called them to. Today I am a Christian, a member of a Grace Fellowship Church of State College, with a family (parents, brother and extended), a work vocation as a virologist for Dr. He, a citizen of the United States and resident of the community of State College, PA.

These areas and more are where God has called me to today and given me a high, meaningful and joyous vocation that is fulfilled in serving Him. And writing this out is as much of a service to myself to remind myself as it is to encourage you!

A few other quotes that I found very impacting from Veith's work to go along with the previous ones from two posts ago:

  • "Luther makes clear that crosses are never self-chosen...Crosses we choose are not crosses. Things taht go against our will--one might say, things that cross our will--are the crosses we have to bear. These do not have to be major afflictions. The small, mundane annoyances of life may serve just as well." (Veith, "God at Work" Crossway, 2002 pp. 149)
  • Quoting Luther on our freedom to serve the Lord and trust him in our vocations,"Work and let him [God] give the fruits thereof! Rule, and let him prosper it! Battle, and let him give victory! Preach, and let him make hearts devout! Marry, and let him give you children! Eat and drink, and let him give you health and strength. Then it will follow that, whatever we do, he will effect everything through us; and to him alone shall be the glory." (Ibid, 142)
  • "The promised of God's Word and the conviction that right now, where I am, I am in the station--the vocation--where God has placed me--those constitute the basis for confidence and certainty that God has assuredly placed me here and that He is faithful and that He, enven though I cannot see Him, is at work in and through my life." (Ibid, 142)

For more specific encouragement on our vocations in the realms of work, family, citizenship, your local church, the ethics of vocation and the cross in vocation pick up the book (Amazon or WTS Bookstore) or ask to borrow my copy! (HT: Thank you again Josh and Kristen for the book!)

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