Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Athens: Live!

Short post today live from Athens, GA! We're (my lab group) down here checking out our living arrangements before we move down in January. It's really exciting to be here, drive the rental car around enough to begin to know main roads (as apartment hunting takes us all over the place).

And tomorrow I am looking forward to one of God's greatest gifts: Local Coffee shops. I'm taking the morning off, since I already have a place to live to go and finish the last of my medical school applications over some local coffee.

Plus my new roommates seem like pretty cool guys so this is looking up!

God has indeed been good on this trip and you friends can definitely be praying for the rest of our time. Especially pray that either I would be able to tell my coworkers more about Christ and that we would get to know each other better. That is an avenue that I pray will lead to more opportunities to share Christ.

Finally if you're ever in Athens, grab a bite at The Last Resort Grill. Awesome food and supposedly one of the best joints for live music in Athens (no music tonight as it was a Tuesday).

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