Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Interview Season Begins

Well the first interview invite just came in last week, so the season has officially begun. However while I was really excited to receive the invite, I was convicted that in many ways I think that I haven't remembered much of what the Lord was teaching me through the last round of applications.

As much as I want to think I earn my interviews by my sheer awesomeness, every one is from God's grace to me. I haven't earned anything, but rather God is being exceedingly and over-abundantly good to me.

Please continue to pray that I would get more interviews and that they would go well. More so please pray that God, not me, would get the glory through them and that He would teach me to rejoice more at his grace rather than presume upon my imaginary awesomeness.


Katie! said...

Matt- I am always praying for you. This is great news, God is really looking out for you and your best interests. I'm so happy for you!
Hope all is well

-Katie Patschke

Matty Wolfgang said...

Thanks Katie!