Thursday, March 15, 2012

Small Changes

It was recently brought to my attention how this blog hasn't been updated in a while. Yeah I think about 2 years qualifies as a while. But in my defense life in Athens got pretty busy, like medical school interviews, meeting some cutie-pie chick, hunting for swamp rabbits, getting involved in my awesome church, falling asleep against trees, etc. You know busy.

In any case then things continued to get busy and I went to med school, married said cutie-pie all around amazing chick, hunted for woods (rather than swamp) rabbits (and some pheasant, deer, turkey and grouse too), got involved in another great church, etc. you know, still busy.

And now we're about to finish our book learning years, take our Step 1 exams for licensure as docs (really big deal), having a baby around the end of June, and start my clinical rotations. Life will be changing quite a bit here soon, but it's good and Jesus promises to give us more of himself through it and sustain us.

So that said I've seen a few good blogs of med students/residents and was thinking that maybe with all of life's changes to record some of this it might be a good time to write about this.

No promises though, I'm really not very good at keeping this updated... ;)

But while you wait here's that cutie-pie chick and I: "Pics courtesy of Kipper Bush our amazing photographer and friend"

And how I've been keeping myself busy this Fall (medical school has been a good time to hunt:

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Jeff Scott said...

I was waiting to see what you'd do with this!!! I kept forgetting to ask you about this.