Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back Home in the SC: Spring Break Wrap-Up

Well Faith (the bus' name) by God grace safely brought us home and we are now all back in State College (or Gettysburg for our friend Ali). We were even able to enjoy the seafood and dolphin watching at our annual return trip stop, St. Simon Island, GA! The flounder, cheese grits and coleslaw were as usual excellent, and it is just so great to be able to enjoy for a short time the awesome beauty of God's oceans!

Beyond just safe travel, God has been so, so, so good to all of us. It was especially encouraging to see how the dynamic had changed on the bus for the return trip. I could look around and see the number of great conversations being had, and also everyone enjoying the rest of the people on the trip. Amazing to think that there are a number of us who had never met before last Saturday!

And as I wrote a few days ago, the Lord also blessed us to be able to see how we had an impact on Bible translation around the world. Please be praying that the Lord would raise up more laborers. We were able to help for only a few days, but Wycliffe needs volunteers for more than just a few days and volunteers who'd like to go overseas as well. Please pray that the Lord would raise up these laborers or go here to check their opportunities out for yourself! http://www.wycliffeassociates.org/

This officially wraps up the Spring Break Live Blog. God has been good, merciful, loving and sovereign and we are so appreciative of your prayers. Eventually I will post a link to my Picassa page for those of you looking to see more pictures (I just have to sort and resize them), but in the meantime "The Ninth Floor View" will return to normal mode so stop by now and then to hear about what God's doing here at Penn State and around me!

Thank you all for following along and Soli Deo Gloria!

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