Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day Two: Trees in Ground and Wall Beasted

Well today has been quite the awesome day. Personally my shoulders and hands are tired since a few of us took the whole day and beasted an outside stucco wall with sledgehammers and crowbars on the second floor of this major building addition. On one hand it weird to think how construction could help translate Bibles, but as we were talking with the John, Darrell and Larry our senior co-workers they were reminding us that God will use these buildings in order to execute the vital support work needed so that the actual translators over there (where ever that may be) can still go forward.

And on top of that the Lord was good enough to allow lots of other tasks to be completed here too! Some were even able to go lend a desperately needed hand over at Wycliffe's neighbor, Campus Crusade for Christ's campus. So not only have we been able to help translate Bibles, but also further the Gospel on other campus too!

Another highlight from today was getting to hear from Sue about the 21 years that she and her husband Peter spent with the Biken (I believe that is the spelling, but could be totally off) people of New Guinea translating the New Testament. It was just awesome to hear how the Lord was faithful over 21 years to faithfully provide a people group with the Gospel in their own language and raise up men and women from the people to be sons and daughters of the King, skilled in the Word and ready to praise, worship, lead and instruct others in knowing Christ.

We were also able to dive further into 1 Thesselonians tonight with chapter 2. It was a great time of learning how Paul, like Christ, invested in this church that he saw as his own children. This also led to a great conversation about how can we be vulnerable and encouraging to each other like Paul in order to image Christ better to each other. Please be praying that as the trip continues we would see fruit of more lives shared with each other and that we would all know Christ more as we
are more vulnerable with each other!

Finally some prayer requests for tomorrow; Please be praying that the Lord would continue to establish the work of our hands to His glory and also for the number of students who get the opportunity to meet with Wycliffe personnel about what does it look like to minister in a variety of different careers. (ie; Nursing, Education, Information Systems, actual Bible Translation, etc.) These students have initiated with interest to find out more and so please be praying that the students would catch an even bigger vision to use their future careers to glorify Christ no matter if they are specifically a missionary or "secular" worker (even though every job is a missionary endeavor, most don't carry that overt "missionary" label on the badge).

Thank you again for your prayers and please continue to pray for us!

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