Thursday, March 5, 2009

Live Blogging DCF's Spring Break 09

Over the next week our fellowship, DiscipleMakers Christian Fellowship, will be in Orlando, FL. We'll be ministering alongside the volunteers at Wycliffe Bible Translators at their International Headquarters!

This will be our 3rd trip down and the Lord has used each trip so far to be a wonderful time to bond our fellowship, develop relationships with older brothers and sisters in Christ who are spending their golden years volunteering with manual labor and helping His Word go to the nations.

So The Ninth Floor View for a week will become a place for the live blogging of our trip. I'll be hopefully sharing brief snapshots of what's going on, what God's up to and how you can be partnering with us in prayer!

Plus I hope to get some pictures up so that you can actually see snapshots of the trip too!

Thank you for your prayers!


AnnS said...

Dear Matt (and Chris),

Our prayers are with all of you will have a Spring Break trip that is blessed with time for renewal and fun as you listen to our Lord's leading in the opportunities He sends you for witness as you do His work this week.

Mom and Dad

AnnS said...


Sorry we're sending this from a Panera's in Naples - Aunt Dor's AOL won't let us into our PSU accounts.

My first note was pretty run on - your Dad's looking over my shoulder and annoying me.



Tom Rafetto said...


I'm a Wycliffe member from PA. I live near Lancaster and serve the Asia Area office remotely. Thanks for taking your Break to work on our facility. Much appreciated!

Tom Rafetto

Amber said...

looking forward to hearing about your trip